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In ancient times, people of the district generally enjoyed good health. According to Bana Bhat, court post of Harsha, people of Kurukshetra were healthy in body and mind and suffered no disease, epidemic and premature death.1 As elsewhere in the country, Ayurvedic system of medicines remained prevalent in the district till foreign invaders started making onslaught in the district. They brought Unani system which, with the passage of time, also became popular. Ayurvedic and Unani systems continued to exist side by side till the advent of the British. Hindus mainly patronized the Ayurvedic system and the Muslims favored the Unani system. Medical treatment was mostly provided by two classes of Physicians-Vaidyas were in the first category and generally inherited their profession. Secondly, there were Haqims and in their case also profession generally passed down from father to son.