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Agriculture And Irrigation

Agriculture was the most important occupation of the people of the district before the Aryans inhabited this area in the second millennium B.C. The archaeological evidence reveals that agriculture was being practiced in this region earlier than the Harappan culture; the earliest literary reference is found in the Vaman Puran. In the Vedas, it is also mentioned that land was laid out into regular fields ploughed and sown; the crops were reaped and stored. Here, the system implies individual ownership, “in which wide fields, vast treasures, spacious pastures, has Indra bestowed in his friends”. Katyayan in his Vartik and Pantanjali in his Mahabhashya described that the word ‘Krishi’ included not only the tilling or ploughing the land but also other operations like sowing, reaping, and feeding the cows and bullocks etc. 1 During the Mahabharata time, this region was a part of Kuru’s Janpada. The King Kuru launched an ambitious plan to reclaim that vast region of the Saraswati Valley for agriculture purposes in order to strengthen their economy and political power.