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Local Government

The region comprising the Panipat district has legendary traditions of being a centre of Indo-Aryan culture. The ashrams of rishis (sages) were the most important centres of study of subjects which formed the bed-rock of ancient Indian culture, namely religion, philosophy and ethics, where disciples flocked to study. In Sanskrit studies, the emphasis was on Vedanta (philosophy) and Patanjali (grammar and linguistics). With the onset of foreign invasions and loss of political power by the Hindus and the pre-dominant position attained by Islamic religion and culture, this old pattern was thrown into disarray. Most of the Muslim Monarchs and Mughal Emperors were patrons of learning. Their love for learning is quite evident from the fact that their courts were adorned with scholars of great erudition. Centres were spread all over Punjab, where thousands of people thronged to quench their thirst of knowledge, out of which some great centres of learning were at Thanesar, Panipat etc.