b) Computerisation of Land Records

    The Scheme of Computerization of Land Records was started in the State in the year 1990-91 when Rewari district was taken up as a pilot district for computerizing land records. This scheme is being implemented under the technical guidance of National Informatics Centre (NIC) Haryana Unit. Under the scheme an amount of Rs. 1411.16 lakh has been received from the Govt. of India, which has further been released to the Deputy commissioners out of which Rs. 1119.26 lakh have been spent so far.

    In order to provide Jamabandi data on Internet a website has been developed by NIC. This website is also linked to the official web port of Haryana Government

    Work of computerizing sajra-nasab, which is also part of Jamabandi, is to be initiated soon. Apart from the above records, the Khasra Girdawari registers, field books and other revenue records are also to be computerized. The software for computerization of Khasra Girdawari has been developed by NIC which has already been circulated to DIOs after its testing.

    The ultimate objective of the scheme of CLR is to make available the computerized copies of revenue records to the people at tehsil and lower level in place of manual nakal by the patwaris. To meet this objective, the Tehsil Computer Centres are being setup in the State. Iinstructions have been issued vide Memo No. ARS-II-2007/14070 dated 22.08.2007 to stop the issuance of manual copies after 3`1.08.2007 in those tehsils where reord has been computerized, made updated and Tehsil Computer Centres functioning properly and only computerized copies of record of rights will be prepared and issued from the Tehsil Computer Centre.

    Since the textual data is being computerized, the digitization of village maps will also be taken up in the State so that data of Jamabandis is integrated with the village maps for giving Nakal to the public. The updation work of village maps in all the districts is in progress and likely to be completed shortly. There is also a proposal to digitize the village maps (mussavis) in the State. The mussavis of some villages of Sirsa district have been given to HARSAC for digitization, which is in progress and likely to be digitized soon.

    For smooth functioning of the scheme and computerization of further available revenue records, a proposal amounting to Rs. 4525.96 lakh, which includes training of the staff, digitization of cadastral maps, scanning of old record, survey and settlements, etc. has been prepared and sent to Govt. of India for approval/release of funds. Out of this Govt. of India has released Rs. 164.14 lakh (for training of staff @ Rs. 0.50 lakh per tehsil/sub-tehsil for 113 tehsils/sub-tehsils Rs. 56.50 lakh, for digitization of cadastral maps Rs. 29.05 lakh for scanning and preservation of old record Rs. 78.59 lakh) for implementation of the scheme during the current financial year 2007-08.