E) Strengthening of Revenue Admn./Updating of Land Records (SRA/ULR)

    This scheme is being implemented in the State of Haryana since 1989-90. It is a centrally sponsored scheme on 50:50 sharing basis. The Government of India has sanctioned this scheme with the main objective to bring about overall improvement in the functioning of the revenue administration which inter-alia includes purchase of modern equipment for survey and settlement, construction of record rooms for proper upkeep of revenue records, quick supply of copies of revenue records to the people, strengthening of revenue training institute, setting up of computer center etc. Following expenditure has been made under this scheme since the inception of this scheme: –

    Sr No. Item Amount (Rs in lakhs)
    1 Mini Bus for Patwar Training School, Hisar 3.6
    2 Construction of Patwar Training School, Hisar 177.06
    3 Construction of Patwar Training School, Panchkula 98.63
    4 Construction of Revenue Record Rooms 236.34
    5 Purchase of Racks & Almirahs for keeping revenue records 65.27
    6 Construction of Patwar-khanas 173.16
    7 Modern Equipment 187.97
    Total 942.03